My friends always ask me, how do you keep doing it? Don’t you ever run out of ideas? Is it hard to make articles that long?

No. The answer is no.


I will never run out of ideas and here is why. Things, events, people they happen everyday. The world is changing, times are changing, and trends are different by the week. If you find what is trending, you are going to find a blog post. What’s in fashion wise? What’s the latest drink at Starbucks? Food is always a good one. Food reviews, because let’s face it. Who doesn’t like food? Are girls really really doing that with their man? It’s all about what is going on. People want to read about the latest stuff. They want it fast, they want it blunt, and they want the real deal.


Does writer’s blog happen? Hell yeah, its real. I could have fifteen blog topics on one day, sort out which ones I don’t want and still have 6 to choose from. There are days where I wake up and know I can’t write today, mentally. I could try, but I am not going to keep with it. You have to enjoy writing about what you are writing about. This has to be fun. You can’t personalize an article if you can’t get with it yourself.

Length of Articles:

I always thought that blogging meant your articles have to be huge. I mean like tons of words, bold phrases, whatever. No, they don’t. I could write a paragraph about something important to someone and it could change their life tomorrow. Not to mention, sometimes when you use a ton of words it can really make your blog look way to overwhelming and become overbearing. If I wanted something to commit to like they I would pick up one of the seven from the Harry Potter Series.

This was a short sweet version of things I learned when I started blogging. There is a ton more, so feel free to reach out with any questions.

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