The Positive Let Go.

Self love is one of the hardest things to do in life. Its so easy to just put someone else before you because thats what we were taught in nature to be the right way to act. I am here to tell you, yes that is right, but its also very wrong. We learned to give more to others than we take for ourselves, and over time it becomes detrimental to ourselves. You can only give so much when not receiving even acknowledge back.

This also brings me to the next point. If it’s time to let them go. LET THEM GO. This is a positive let go, even though it might be painful, its positive. Whether it be friends, someone special in your life, or family, if they aren’t doing you any good, just let them be. There is nothing positive about self sabotaging your feelings. That lonely hurt eventually will fade, sure its going to hurt like hell at the beginning, but it will hurt less than their lying did. At the beginning the sense of change is something that no one cares for because your breaking habits. The way someone treats you is the exact way you see their level of respect for you. And you deserve more. You give more, so shouldn’t there be a balance? Shouldn’t that person also want to see you happy? This isn’t a one way street, so stop acting like it is.

People need people who are truly there for them and always can support them because it could mean a lot more than they think. I know in my life I have like three friends I know I can count on all the time. There are most definitely a couple friends outside that group that like to make everyone think they care, but in reality aren’t really there for you when it’s needed. They like the idea of being there for you, but cannot actually be there for you because they are not even there for themselves.

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