Valentine’s Emotions

So, Valentines Day. It can be quite a bigger day when you’re single than people need to make it, but I really get it. Everyone thinks they can just blow the day off, but in fact it can really mess with some people. I am not saying that all singles have to dread this day, but we can help each other out. I can’t say that being in a relationship is even delightful on Valentine’s Day because some people just cannot handle it. Story: I decided to be cheesy and send a heart shaped pizza to an ex boyfriend at work. (He was my boyfriend at the time). His buddy literally sent me a snapchat of him getting mad and throwing it away. This man never took the time out of his day to even wish me a Happy Valentines, he exacted like it didn’t exist. This is what I mean when I say some people just cannot handle it, so they avoid it like it never happened. There is really cons to having a Valentine & also being Single as a Pringle.

Here is the deal, I don’t care if you guys are married, single, or even in that weird I don’t know what we are stage, show them you care. This in no way means that you love them, or that you have feelings for them, but show that person you care. If you spend time with them and they are part of your everyday life, show them you care. A simple text saying “Happy Valentines Day” is not going to kill you. You have a close friend and your a guy flowers are about $10. It will make her day and again it shows that you care. Girls, men love chocolate, buy him one of those overprices chocolate heart things, you are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. I had a friend who was a girl and it was rough for the both of us even though we though eh being single isn’t bad its just holidays like this. Out of no where I was like you know what I am going to buy her flowers because I know no-one is going to this year, so I showed up with a dozen purple roses. She showed up with a dozen orange roses, we both had the same idea. I had a close friend of mine that was a guy bring me my favorite drink from Starbucks and a cupcake because he wanted to make me feel appreciated. We in no way had feelings for one another, but were really good friends at the time and he cared. It was really cool to know that I did have someone who cared about me. Like I said just showing you care is what it’s all about. Diamond Necklaces, and earrings are not important, its the thought that counts and something I feel like everyone deserves.

The day can be hard itself because it’s so blown up by different retailers and even social media. Some people might not want to look at their phone because it brings up rough times of the past and no one wants to relive that. Just reach out, make someones day a little brighter if you know they are going to be alone on this Valentine’s Day. Even making them a drink or going for a wine night with your girls is going to be better than watching everyone’s planned out pictures on the gram. Again, this was not a post slamming Valentine’s Day, but rather what you can do for someone else.


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