Unspoken Rules of The Gym

The gym can be a place of serenity, dead lifting, upbeat music, and fucking creeps. I love my gym and the instructors who work there are quite amazing. However, I really feel some things need to be addressed.

The pool is place where you can relax after a heavy workout or simply just to relax, but the amount of experiences I have had there make me want to avoid it. I mean I am not a judgmental or mean person but there are just bubbles that other people have that you need to step out of. Guys, we need to wear bathing suites. As a heavy chested chick, yes you can see them. However, when I make my way into the 1/2 huge hot tubs. You should A) Not stare at me like I just committed a murder & B) Continue to stare at me as I try to Relax. I literally had enough time to take a video of this man and send it to my friends. He the proceeded to try to hit on a lifeguard and she was not having it either. Rule of Law Here: Lets just let the ladies do them.

The woman’s locker room, you thought guys were gross. Let me tell you. I’ve never experienced so much hair in one setting not connected to a head. However, that is the least of our worries. What concerns me the most is the etiquette that goes in a locker room. I think its unspoken yet known that if you really aren’t close with someone and they’re changing please and like have no clothes on, wait till they have clothes on to try to have a conversation about how your ex husbands, aunts hamster died last Sunday and you don’t know what to wear to the funeral. I find it so many times I will literally be standing there butt ass naked trying to get dressed and have a conversation from the woman who works in the cafe. With further saying, dear god buy a robe or a big towel that you can wrap to walk around. I am not saying that you just got to the shower and shoot over to your locker, but the free balling woman….. come on.

The lifting racks. I get it there are only about six racks and like probably 200 people there at a time. However, do your set, get done, and let someone else use it. Please stop sitting around taking mirror selfies for the girls. Girls, just because you put plates on each side and took a picture behind the bar doesn’t make you a power lifter. I find it so frustrating when I have something planned and also want to up my weight and I am stalking the lifting area waiting for one of them to open up because the heard of guys standing around snap chatting each other are taking over.

Last but not least, falling asleep in yoga classes. I get it, classes like yin style or surrender classes are really relaxing, and like you almost go into a sort of mediation, but we are all there to relax too and your snoring. YOW. Honey, I cannot practice my downward dog when we have a freight train coming through. I really do respect people, but the teacher had to help this man come into position by waking him up like thirty times. He kept falling back into a sleep and then has the nerve to say “Oh, Sorry I Think I fell asleep halfway through class” then he laughed and walked away.

I am not mean in saying this, but there are just some rules that people need to get with at the gym. I am all about free spirits and doing you, but be respectful to everyone else.


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