Making What you Feel a Priority

I appreciate effort. No Matter how small, silly, or irrelevant, I appreciate effort. – Billy Chapata

Growing up I knew it would always be hard when I got older. Well i am here to tell you I am older and it is. I like to give. I love seeing people happy and smiling and wish I could give everyone that. There energy that flows through your body when someone is grateful for what you did just makes my life more positive. Your feelings when you do something are also something you should reflect on and make a priority though!

When I say to make them a priority in your life. I mean taking some time to grab a pencil and write a list of how you feel. If you look at that list and the negatives outweigh the positives that is something you should reflect on for your own well being. Factoring in if that person appreciates you is something that you should be at the top of your list. I get in this sense they might not have even asked you to do what you did, but its the thought that really drives a person to respect.

There are times when this can become a burden in your life, and I am here to tell you why. You give and give to people who don’t appreciate you. There is a difference in giving to people who appreciate you and appreciate what you are doing to the people who take you for granted. I mean the people that turn what you are doing into an expectation. Don’t be that person and if you are try to pull out of that as soon as possible because it can get negative quick.

In summary, take your thoughts about how you feel and base them on the actions that you think are necessary.


  1. Wonderful read – and perfect timing. It’s in line with what I have on my mind for quite some time; and something I wish to write about in the very near future. Thank you so much for sharing.

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