Warning: Girls Get Mad.

Dudes, why are you always talking about how hard it is to read girls. RANT COLLABORATED by four chicks. We are just as human as you, and we have the right to be angry at stupid things. We are the most blunt, put it out there fucking type of species. If I am mad at you, you are 100% going to know. If I post a picture on Instagram with some feisty shit underneath it, understand that is a stab at you and I do mean it. I may not say that directly to you, but thats not just a quote that I like. If the shoe fits you’re wearing it.

Another thing that really just grinds our gears is when you make us feel completely dumb about something we shouldn’t really know anything about, or even that we don’t understand. Like how about you explain the shit to us instead of laughing at us. Educate me because I am losing interest hearing you laugh at “How I didn’t know that”. Also when you do decide to explain stuff to me you gain points.

On that same note, when we ask you something and you literally ignore the question and keep going about whatever else were talking about? Why is that? I am going to ask again and feel nothing of it. Why ignore it like you didn’t see it or play dumb like you have no clue. Like I probably already know the answer and I am asking you to see yours. Also, when this is happening do not in anyway tell me to settle down before you let me speak.

The world chill is overused. I am not cold, and we should not be speaking chill. I think that is one of the most disrespectful things a guy can say to a girl is chill. You are belittling us and telling us not to share our feelings. Telling us to relax is along the same lines bucko.

Guys, if we use ‘K’ or ‘MK’ you should probably just start running thats like the ultimate your wasting the energy in my fingers kinda deal and I am not going to put up with your shit much longer.

Thank you, next.


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