The Man Bun

One of the most discussed topics lately, is the man bun. Not only the man bun, but the lumberjack beard, the dainty v neck, and the tight jeans. I am telling you men one things. KEEP IT UP! Sure, nice cut clean shaven guys are great, but have you ever seen a man take care of their hair like these guys do? Is it hipster or just something that people didn’t really give a second thought till now?

Now there are several different versions of how these men are wearing these and I can’t say I am crazy about every single one, but for the most part were in the positive roots. There is one version that really needs to be addressed. The small little one, in the middle of your head, that makes you look like pebbles, or Caillou on a good day. We cannot have that ! Let your hair grow until we got some good range of hair to work with! The semi-bun is okay on certain guys and you really have to be able to pull that one of. The semi people for folks that don’t know is where the sides of the head are shaved and it is lined with the top and the bun sits at the very top of the head. However, you will still need a good 6 to 7 inches of hair in order to pull this one off. I think if you are going to shoot for the bun at all, go for the full bun, but work your way how you have to, I guess. To achieve a “full bun” you need at least 9 inches of hair for it to be valid. Guys, I have heard numerous guy friends say ” I wouldn’t even know how to do it” . IF your hair is that long and can be put up you will naturally learn how to throw it in a mess on top of your head.

As for the beard which involves the man bun usually I would say keep that up to, but please keep it clean. The long grown out beard is okay, if you are also 60 years old and a librarian, but a nice clean cut beard with a cute man bun is just the right fit, again this is coming from a gal! Keep your lines trimmed and your bun full gents!


  1. I feel over the man bun personally. Some guys look amazingly scrumptious but it’s played out a lot. And YES! with those beards! I LOVE facial hair but keep it groomed FFS. You don’t want me rocking 70’s bush but you can look like a missing member of ZZtop?

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