My Favorite Things At Starbucks


You have been warned, but I ultimately feel that this is something many people struggle with, so lets jump on in! I am going to share with you my favorite five things to get at Starbucks and why I like them. Sure people can go on with Starbucks is expensive, but its also an act of self love. Its that little indulgence daily if you need it and its around every corner. Not all the drinks I prefer are hot, and many of them are actually cold. They are all perfect whenever you need them. I will also include what I literally say at the drive through! I do recommend to become a gold member because the amount of free drinks that you get is insane, gotta work for it though.

The Pineapple Black Sweet Tea

This one is categorized under their tea’s and is also a product of Teavana. I have heard that you can get it made with the lemonade as well, but I really enjoy just getting it natural with maybe a little more sweetener if I am feeling risky. The calming taste of black tea and the critic pineapple that comes through it is truly delicious. Its served on ice and only carried 60 calories in the natural form.

Order: Venti Pineapple Black Tea, extra sweetened.

The Tuxedo Mocha with Raspberry

This hot little number is classified under espressos and is a little higher in price, but worth every second of it. This beautiful creature is a mix of dark mocha and white chocolate mocha with my hint of raspberry! It tastes like a chocolate covered raspberry. I like to mix it up a little bit and add some raspberry because I feel like fruits compliment chocolate. I like to hold the whipped cream as if its going to help the amount of calories jam packed into this baby, but whatever. The website say’s that it is discontinued but the beautiful people at my Starbucks still will whip it up for you, so just ask! Please try this at least once in your life. I live in Michigan so its like Antarctica out here lately and this is my favorite go to treat! Skip the pint of ice cream, go straight to Starbucks!

Order: Tuxedo Mocha, soy, with Raspberry, no whip.

Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

If you want to experience a island feel in a cup, please order this. I prefer these early in the morning or even after a good gym session. The fruit flavor and real berries put inside is so refreshing. This is another one thats lower on the calorie spectrum with a Venti only containing 100 calories!Its made with real fruit juice and green coffee extract! Its refreshing because its iced and you taste this natural blend of yum as you dive in! The berries kinda break apart so as you drink you will taste them here and there, but the tartness of the berries just ties together the drink as as whole! Even if it is winter, try a little dose of cabana!

Order: Very Berry Refresher, Venti.

The Doubleshot on Ice

If you need a pick me up, here you go. Its like a bang to your morning, the awoken, the big Kahuna. You can taste the jump of energy in this one. Its an espresso on ice. It has light sweeteners and can be chosen not be sweetened as well. It is in the middle when it comes to calories because a Venti, with Soy, that is sweetened nestles about 170 calories. The Caffeine in this hot shot is 375 mg! That is just a beautiful little boost that you might need Monday morning to really kick start your day. Its rich flavor is delightful and sends you wanting more.

Order: Venti double Shot Iced

The Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

The mornings when I am feeling and need something else to go with my refresher I grab one of these. There is at least 10g of protein and its full of rich flavor because there are the different cheeses, Apple wood Smoked Bacon, and egg. I like to pair these with the refreshers because it compliments the taste of the sandwich. Its served nice and warm in a little Starbucks bag and makes your morning a little less hungry!

Order: Bacon and Gouda Sand

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