Why its Better Having Guy Friends.

It goes without saying that females are better off having male friends. I conquer 100%.  Without saying, I am so lucky to have the set of guy friends that I do. They are blunt, 100% honest, and also good at sticking up for you ( Not that I need it often, but if its warranted, its warranted. ) They are there to tell you if your selfies look good enough to go on your Bumble, they are there to let you know what this guys ideal plans are, and they are there to get rid of the assholes at the bar because they instantly become your boyfriend. Oh and guys, if you think a girls friends know everything as well, the guy knows more, and he is analyzing you.

The having a guy in your life aspect when all your best friends are guys. THEY ARE HERE TO CRITICIZE. 

When I say this I mean they are here to let you know what your dude is doing wrong and also to call you out on it. You can let things slide but the moment you tell one of your guy bestfriends about it, they become Oprah with the wise advice. Don’t know why the guy you are around is doing the things he is doing, but your bro does. He is going to tell you exactly what that guy is doing and why he is doing it, whether thats what you want to hear or not. They are also there to comfort you during this time when you have been personally victimized by a level one fuckboy. Guys always are worried about what ladies friends are going to think about him, they should be worried about the guy friends.

The being the best-friend duties also include telling you if you look like a teapot in one of your pictures, or if you look like a slut. I mean it. They will be honest because they do not care about if you contour or highlight is on point. They look at the outfit and how you are standing and if its not okay, they are going to tell you straight out to take it down. They are there to tell you to go back inside and change when your outfit looks hilarious for the event that you are going to. Like I have had my friend be like go back into the house and change, and then you can get into my car.

Speaking of events, they are the best people to take to the bar. We know the creeps prowl, but if you have a dude or if you’re lucky and you have a good looking best friend to stand by you, they tend to chill a little. They also are going to keep you away from certain types of guys. Even if its apparent you guys aren’t together it makes you a bit more unapproachable. They are also the best people when you are drunk because A. You are not leaving with anyone else, especially a guy. & B. They are not going to let you look sloppy either.

Overall, its a blessing to be friends with guys. Like friends, and only friends because they are truest, most blunt people ever. You need them in certain situations where your girls would just egg you on.


  1. Such a great read! πŸ˜€ I’m totally agree with you – having best friends who aren’t afraid to tell you how things stand is so valuable! I was very fortunate to be a best friend to a few couples through college, so they were comfortable with confiding in me as a guy-friend if they were unsure how to handle rocky patches or just wanted a shoulder to lean on during rough days.
    Lovely post – keep blogging!

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  2. It’s the same with the other side as well…guys always get along better with their gal friends…
    It’s one thing with guys hanging out together but with a girl, shealways makes a guy look better. She brings in the sophistication and class that a man normally isn’t endowed with.

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