Respect. What People are Afraid Of.

Letting someone get the best of you is honestly one of the worst feelings in the world. People lie, people accuse, and people love to hurt someone. The worst part about this whole thing is they know they are doing it and have that little of respect for you. Everyone assumes you should have this wall up around people and they are not suppose to be able to get over it. What if you’re not able to build a wall that high? What if there words are like constant daggers and its only building. I am trying to be able to build a stronger wall, yet I don’t think its in me when I need it the most.

People treat other people with disrespect often and they might be some of the closest people to you. People like straight to your face because they know they will not have to back their lies up because I will not question them. I have let some things go on for so long because I don’t like to create havoc. I could give to get nothing and I am happy about that, but it gets old when you are underappreciated.

Respect. Its a huge meaning when it comes to the people in your life and I feel is one of the base components to the relationships that you have around you. The respect that you have for that person will only grow over time but also it could really fade as well. People don’t truly get how important the respect factor is. Being transparent and not lying, building trust over time, and really just being proud of that person.

I go out of my way to be a decent human being and to try to be there for the people around me. Whether or not I want to be kind to people I don’t really know whats going on in their life to not be kind. I am always afraid when I do say something hurtful you don’t know when you will ever see that person again or even if you will so that is important to me that I am kind to them.

Honesty, its real and if its something your not good at you may want to jump on the horse. I mean is it really hard to just be truthful and upfront with someone? I don’t know I am just a truthful person, I am going to be blunt with you because if I am not it gets to me. What I mean when I say it gets to me is eventually I am going to tell you because I feel that bad inside for lying to someone.

In summary, when I open up to you I am also asking you for respect and to treat me like you would want to be treated. No lies, no hiding things, just be up front with me. It does nothing to keep something from someone because they are eventually going to find out and get hurt whether you like it or not.

If after reading this you can see yourself as being this person, please re think what you’re doing.

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