The Haunting of Past People.

So, something that has been happening frequently lately is my ex people have been coming to ask me about their relationship problems. I am talking someone at some point that I had a thing with…. They are coming out of the ground I swear. Its raining exes. The funny point about this is I have never been dumped… I am saying this not to sound cocky, but to also point out that there was a reason I ended things with these gems. So why come ask me?

In saying this, I always have an open ear to listen to people, but these guys wanted my blunt opinion on whats going on in their love life and why it isn’t working. I am shook. They were all having the same problems they had been having when we were dating and what caused it to end. again, shook.

So, I went ahead and did my investigating with these inquiries to find out that it was not indeed the girl, but that it was the guys. Some people never change their ways. They hinted to me explaining the situation, so I knew, just thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt. A lot of them had ego problems, like shes a 10 you’re a hard 5, lets look at this fella.

I just thought it was weird how they felt that I wanted to help them with the same problems that they put me through. Along with the different males in my life currently, you guys are hard to keep up on. Even the ones that I have no history with, you guys keep it confusing. Guys, just do one thing and thats appreciate the girl that is trying and not the one that keeps you there for you to be there. I mean like lets leave other chicks out of it and just really be a nice guy? Ladies, on the other hand don’t get treated like pizza rolls in the middle of the night to these duche bags you are brunch girl!

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