Why I deleted my Online Dating Apps.

Online Dating Apps, the world of fuck boys and guys who literally were not taught manners by whomever was in charge of that. I had the common ones like Tinder & Bumble. I deleted the common ones after a while too, here why. Grant you, I have met some pretty awesome people which was rare and some sweet guys, but the cons outweigh the pros in this one.

One of the things I have to start off on is how mean people can be. I know people are mean and life isn’t fair, but come on. Bumble, they expect the girl to message first and this conversation can really go no where or can actually lead to getting a number. However, there are some men that are there to get you. I have been called fat, told I am ugly, straight out just asked to blow them, just petty fuckboy shit. Bro, if you are going to call me ugly why did you bother swiping right in the first place… ? The amount of times after that initial message is sent after you match that you actually keep a conversation is lower than my hopes of this actually helping me out. Not to mention the act of having to check that everyday because you don’t give your number out right away is annoying. I am not here to simply blow your phone up, but simply place it in Facebook reverse it, find out if you are a creep & I am wasting my time.

The audacity of some of these guys is crazy. I once had a guy who messaged me on Tinder, I didn’t like how things were going so I simply unmatched him. I know girls are great private investigators, but this guy gave us all a run for our money. He somehow found not only my Facebook, but then my Instagram and continuous messaged me saying I was the girl that ghosted him. I am pretty sure our conversation was like a maximum of five messages. Whoa bro, bye crazy. How creepy is that? This happened within minutes.

Not even to mention, guys don’t realize we compare and also know each other. If your 2.8 miles away, ten to one you have also matched with my best-friend who lives 1.3 miles away and were currently comparing you fuckishness. When you use the same pick up line on both her and I you instantly are getting blocked.

Not to mention your self esteem drops on these apps, and thats when I realized this probably was not helping my mental health. If this is something that doesn’t bother you, more power to you. However, the negativity that comes with these apps is not worth what it will put you through. I didn’t think I would find my prince charming, but in no way was I looking for an insult. Guys can be just as petty and mean as girls. Not to mention you know for a fact when you get on one of these, there is always that dumb ass from high school thats going to send you a message to rekindle whatever fucking candle you lit with them. You don’t like my bio, or my picture, happy swiping left.

I made my choice to delete these because I felt they were just like daunting and addicting, but there was not a positive outcome with them. It was cool to meet some of the new people I did, and I have made a lot of new friends when you find the select few that aren’t jerks. By the way guys, your bios are something out of this world. Turn your ego down, and your manners up baby. I can honestly say this was a positive choice and I am more than happy I did it.


  1. Wow. I’m sorry you got insulted!! That was not my experience, but I made sure to make my profile seem as terrifying as possible. And yeah, they are mostly a waste of time, but that’s why I usually try to get an in-person meeting set up asap. That way we stop being video game characters to each other and start being real people. 🙂 Plus, I recommend being as mean to them as possible, or they won’t appreciate it when you’re being nice.

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  2. I am sorry about your terrible online dating experience. Glad you can share your story with others, especially if some of us can relate. You will find a super date who will appreciate you for who you are – and you will feel it from deep down within that he is worth your time. Have fun making friends and dating!

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