I started Cycling…

So this post is about my first experiences at the gym and starting to cycle.

Wow, does my ass hurt. Literally, I guess your bones have to conform to the bikes seat or like they get used to the hard seat. Whatever, it was hard to walk for days. lmao.
Again, I was new to all of this, not knowing I would fall in love with it. Literally, thats my out.

Back to the story, now they are doing push ups well still peddling this bike, and they want your resistance bar on level 20000. Some of the people in this class were literally wearing hoodies, I swore the room was heated. I am going to die at this point. This was all crazy to me that people loved to go to this and do this, like everyday. I had realized after a while that I had started in the advanced class and there were builder classes to get to that level. Okay, reset.

I started off at one of the easier classes called video cycle. Let me tell you, this was a game changer. You’re telling me that I can literally ride this bike, do these push ups, and watch Cardi B & Nicki music videos when I do it? The instructor was so nice and helped me better set up my bike so that it didn’t hurt so bad. This was great. I guess the point of this is to find what you like and then build off of that. The resistance thing was hard, but you get used to it, and you learn to challenge it the whole time which helps to get a better workout.

Needless to say, this was a lesson to really not just give up after the first time because things eventually get better. I crave cycle now and would go every single day if I could.

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