Feeling the Ground



The overwhelm of life can be critical sometimes. No serious, chest pain, crying, and breathing like you just ran a marathon. Panic and Anxiety attacks are common and are becoming a regular thing whether you face it or not. Sometimes situations arise so hard that it can literally destruct a person to their lowest element, thats scary.

Little things become a lot larger than they actually are. You start crying for no reason at all, or over stupid dumb little things. Your chest starts to hurt a little, then a lot. Pretty soon you have to sit down because the fact that you cannot breath is affecting your ability to stand.  You start shutting down and sometimes this can happen for hours on end. You don’t care to listen to anyone speak, you literally don’t even want to watch TV or anything because you don’t care.

As someone who has been living with anxiety for a while I can say one thing that has actually helped is grounding.  I have gone through and still go through everything I have spoke about above.

Grounding is almost like meditation except you’re grounding your mind. You start to notice your body itself just sitting there. What do you feel? What can you hear? What are your fingers and toes doing? Can you feel them? Its amazing. It stops you mid though and makes you think about what is going on around you. It traps you inside to captivate your surroundings and stops mid attack. You literally cannot think about things and let your mind run if its preoccupied.  I also find if you have soothing music going it also helps to ground a little better. I like the mediation radio that is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Times When Grounding Can Be Helpful

Your workplace– I like to think grounding can be helpful in both a public and private setting because you can be doing it and no one would actually know.  If you work day is stressful and you can feel that anxiety start to build upon you and you know this could end badly. Just sit down at your desk and try to grasp what is going on around you.

After a workout – I like to do this technique in the sauna or hot tub after I have had a really intense workout and can still feel my pre-workout going wild. It helps to pop some ear phones in and listen to music and realize what is going on around you well siting in a nice calming sauna.

Just at home – Feel your thoughts starting to get to you? When I am at home and need to do this I like to be in the comfort of my bedroom because comfort has a lot to do with how well you can do this. Lay on your bed and just really explore through your mind what is going on around you.


Other Helpful Techniques

Yoga – No, I am not here to sell you a local yoga class, but for real these things work. If its available and I know I am kind of having a bad day I will make sure to hit at least one yin styled yoga class. Not to hard, not doing nothing, but slight movement with a lot of breathing techniques. You come at one with your mind and body and I am ALWAYS relaxed after leaving one of these classes.

Writing/ Blogging – Haha, I know right, how cliche. When my mind gets to full I also think just sitting in front of your laptop or even punch into your phone whats going on up there. It doesn’t even have to be whole sentences sometimes just make a list. God, I love lists. I seriously make a list for everything. 

Lifting Weights & Cardio – Now, if you want to go to the gym and you have a super intense routine, do you boo. I am just sharing how these both help me. I go to a cycle class probably a good 4-5 times a week and I don’t think your mind even has time to run in them.

Weightlifting on the other hand. The aggression or anger that comes with all of this anxiety and stress can be outputted with this. There is a saying about picking shit up and putting shit down. LITERALLY. Just do it once, I mean don’t hurt yourself, but for sure challenge yourself. I can promise you the aggression leaves.


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