I feel like the different points in your life are like waves. Its either really, really good or really bad. I feel like lately my life has been like this. I could be really happy and then its like I am almost thrown a curve ball because I was too happy. Ya know? 

I think trust is one of the most important things that you can hold in people. It doesn’t have to be anyone close, it could be some random you work with, but oh my is it important. Letting someone in to your life because you know they will not use what your share against you is hard and takes a lot. I feel to be super close with a person you have to trust them. 

Realizing that you push yourself away from people is something I also have noticed. I wonder why? I think the fear of them pushing me away first is something that really messes with me. Like have you ever just been happy and like everything seems right and the next days it’s as if someone flipped a switch, that’s the stuff that makes me uneasy. The act of me letting my guard around you for you to not give a shit about me the next day. This mostly goes with friends and me feeling confident enough to tell them things. Again, back to trust with all of which was just said. It’s just been getting to me lately and it’s been a bad week.

So, I guess in all I’m asking you nicely, when you walk into my life be careful I’m delicate.

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