What is up with Guys and the Holidays?

So, I have LITERALLY asked a male friend of mine this because it never seems to fail that one of my best friends, families, or whoever’s significant other has made the holiday a nightmare.  I can vouch for this because I have been straight dumped on Thanksgiving Morning. I feel like this post is going to take some avenues, so fasten your seat belt and here we go.


So, like I said, there are certain guys that just have to throw the ringer into a fabulous FAMILY filled holiday. Are you catching on? That was the part… the family part. After talking to a male friend of mine about this he definitely was like its totally explainable why guys are the way they are on the holidays. He proceeded to go on about okay you bring a “friend” of the opposite sex to Christmas and Thanksgiving knowing damn well you guys aren’t an actual serious thing and your family all turns into Private Investigators.  Like your Aunt who you talk to maybe twice a year began to question this persons intentions with their long distanced niece.  Guys just really do not like to deal with this and would rather just ruin the holiday than endure it.

I actually saw where he was coming from and get it. I mean, yeah, there is a huge difference between like ruining your relationship if you have a GF or BF and wanting to be alone if you just have a friend who is more, but its no one’s  business what kind of more they are.  Holiday’s are stressful already, why just add that to the mix.

On a separate note, the introduction at these type of events can really tell you how the entire evening is going to go. Introducing these people as your friend, rather than just saying ” Oh hey this is Tom,” is a bit of a difference. If you signify these people as a friend there really cannot be many questions asked. Then again, wine is a lovely friend to bring to Family Christmas Eve.  What a charming mate.


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