This is a post that has been asked from my friends. The UNSOLICITED DICK Extravaganza. I just want to say you guys’ are artist, and just so so spontaneous, but Jesus lord stop. There is nothing I hate more than waking up to some weird angle of your chiseled penis on my phone and you asking me if I like that girl, no sir I do not. You should also know that your nudes are never just ours now their mine and all my friends. Have you ever seen a group chat between like four girls, RUTH-LESS. This one was a request from the girls so here we go.

The Angles

There is the simple on your back, the simple mirror one, but some of you guys are getting creative. From the bottom? Are you for real? You guys should literally consult Tyra Banks because you guys are getting freaky with these angles. Like some of them are pretty standard and are okay, but the ones in the car when we know damn well you are sitting in your work parking lot wearing your work badge, FROM BELOW, are just not acceptable. I really feel like any of these pictures should not be taken from 180 degrees below the head. Thank you, next.

Dude You’re Not Even Hard?

GUYS! WHY? You guys know that its rare that we don’t see you hard anyway so why do we want a picture of it? Plus, when you guys do this its always laying there like a dead snake. Just don’t do it.


I am not saying that girls do not like it when you randomly send them. However, if its in the morning and its not even a good one, just refrain. Now middle of the day and your trying to get her going a little bit, shes at work, go for it. Promise you its going to make her day better. I think if the dude its thinking about you like that, even at work, and wants to share go for it.

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