Things Guys Will Not Admit to Liking.

Okay Guys, I have done my research, consulted my girls, and went for the kill. We know you like these things, so why not just admit it. 


Dude guys love candles. Put a drink flavor into the candle and they love candles even more. I wonder like if they even know what the inside of Bath and Body Works smells like. I feel like if they did know their money wouldn’t go to XBOX it would go to pumpkin spice waffles yo. 

Face Mask’s

 You would be so surprised and I really don’t get why guys are ashamed of this. you guys can go out and spend like $40 on just stuff for your beard…. yet a face mask is just so, no? Its good for your pores bro? Beauty GAINS.

Mani & Pedi’s

I really give kudos to the guys that go out and take their time to have this done. Its important. Better yet, if you have a significant other, she can go with you! Guys are always at the gym and some guys don’t wear shower shoes, and thats just for the birds. Go sit back in a massage chair and let some lady rub your feet, so that when you ask us, its okay. It also is like super healthy for ya know your personal hygiene.

 Fruity Cocktails & Wine

You are most definitely manly drinking your Bud Light, Whiskey on the rocks, or your collectors Bourbon, but like you’re telling me a drink with a hint of coconuts over pineapple juice with some rum isn’t for you? That’s like a beach in a cup? Most guys would be like I don’t need that priss drink? Yeah, well its tasty and fruity and delicious, so keep drinking your piss water, more for me.  In the same defense for wine, who doesn’t like to just sip wine. BYE FELICIA.

Herbal Essence and Good Smelling Shampoo

That’s really great that it all comes out of one bottle for you. Ya know, the like 8 in 1 Old Spice stuff that makes your hair and your junk smell the same, but like deep down my rose petal shampoo is where its at. I will say I have seen guys say it smells so good & THEY USE IT. I don’t know why this has to be hidden we won’t mind if you guys smell like rose petals too…

Professional Massages

” I just don’t like to be touched like that?” BIGGEST LIE, I have ever heard. Guys could ask you a million times to give them a massage, but some guys will not set foot into a massage place. Its for releasing stress so why not? It would probably be really beneficial for you health to have a professional do it. The lights are dimmed and when you roll over bro she’s not going to see your junk.

Nicholas Sparks & Love Stories & Lifetime Movies

Can we not watch a chick flick? This comes from the same guy who was upset about the character in the movie dying after they fell in love over the years? They have good story lines bro, lets just admit it. I wish guys would sit down and watch Lifetime Movies even, you guys could learn how crazy girls can get because the shit that happens in those movies are like survival guides to the crazy. The love stories are very good movies and it makes us know you do have a heart and not just an empty box.

 Being Held/ The Little Spoon

So, its pretty much a guy thing to lay behind the girl…but we know you guys want to be held every once in a while. Why roll over and let her hold you for once… Listen she can’t even complain about having a face full of hair, unless your into the man bun thing… Its okay to want that affection sometimes. 

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