Emotional Movies

Ever need a night of Ben & Jerry’s and a good sob movie? Here’s a list of my go to…

1. Charlie St. Cloud


Charlie St. Cloud.gif

First of all Efron. Enough said. The movie came out in 2010 so about 8 years ago. It was directed by Burr Steers.  The movie itself is based on the novel written by Ben Sherwood called The Death and life of Charlie St. Cloud. The movie is based on a character named Charlie ( Efron) who races sailboats and that is his life, he even got a full ride scholarship to go to school for sailing and will be leaving for college. He has a little brother who helps him with the boating named Sam. Charlie and Sam practice baseball every single day at the exact time. Into the movie we end up seeing the brothers go through a car crash in which Sam looses his life.   After this experience he learns that he can still talk to and see Sam ( his deceased little brother), and also a friend who had passed in the military. Charlie falls in love in the movie with a girl who also helps his grieving process.  Its a great movie that hits a lot of emotional areas and just shows the heartbreak of what its like. I would recommend this one to anyone.

2.  A Walk to Remember

Kind of an oldie? This movie was released in 2002, but I still watch it AT LEAST once a year. Its a cute little love story, but it will bring tears to your eyes. Starting of with a girl who’s father is the priest and she tutors, is part of her school drama program, and lives a very christian life. Her name is Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan- Carter and her role is played by Mandy Moore. On the other hand, Landon in the movie is a rock and roll burnout. He ends up getting himself in trouble and has to do charity work and also has to improve his grades. Part of this almost rehabilitation for Landon is joining the drama club at his school in which Jamie is a star! The two began to bond, its rough at first, but oh does the story change. 

3. Me Before You

A girl who is pretty much the support for her family takes upon a new job that is a lot tougher than she thought.  Her name is Louisa and she has a beautiful attitude despite having to provide. She is now the caregiver for a paralyzed wealthy banker who survived a car accident and has a bad attitude.  He has no respect for anyone and also no will to live. She changes that and he began to love his new life. 

4. The Notebook

I feel like this is the love story everyone thinks about when you think of a sad love story. Everyone has seen this movie and if you haven’t you should.  This movie came out in 2004, but still is popular. Its based on a Nicholas Sparks book that I 100% recommend you read at least once.  Rachel McAdams plays Allie, yes before she was Regina George, and is a beautiful young girl that comes from a wealthy family that is vacationing in their summer home when she meets Noah Calhoun ( Ryan Gosling). Yeah I would be falling too…. However, her family does not approve of Noah, yet they are madly in love. Noah goes off to the army and they are separated only to find out when she comes back that Allie is getting married. However, that does not stop Noah because they are still in love. 

5. American Sniper

This is a true story. I could watch this movie 30 times and not get sick of it. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Chris Kyle is played by Bradley Cooper and is a U.S.  Navy Seal that is one of the most legendary snipers in the the history of the United States.  Chris Kyle serves four different terms and the movie depicts what his life was like every time he came back and during his time there. He is known for his legendary gift and yet also was one of the most wanted.  He had children and a wife and it also shows the struggles that he faced. It shows how the war got to Chris and how things became challenging before his tragic death. He was a hero.


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