Be Nice to the Rice

Finding yourself in uncomfortable situations is something  that can happen quite often. People are weird and thats one thing that I am starting to realize. They don’t care about the people around them and don’t realize the feelings they could be passing on.

There was a rice experiment done and if you have heard about it GREAT! I didn’t know about it till yesterday and I found it fascinating.  Dr. Masaru Emoto is the person who first exerted the experiment and he was trying to prove that human consciousness did have some affect on molecular structure in water.  Her experiment has been recreated many times because people don’t believe its actually true. People who conducted this experiment took three jars that were identical. They then filled the jars with the exact same amount of rice and water that filled till about a half of an inch over the rice.  For 30 days , you are suppose to say something in correlation to what is written on the rice.  So, the positive jar, you would say something positive, ect, ect. After the 30 days people noticed the jar that got appreciation and kind words was okay. The second jar which received negative words was filled with mold. The third jar which had nothing said to it was growing mold as well. 

Now that I have summed up how the experiment went we can conclude what the people were saying to the rice had different effects on the rice. What is it I wonder and I mean if it was because of the water does it affect humans too? We are 60 percent water, so the same negativity and positive might wear on us like the jars of rice. Its food for thought.

Now to summarize the entire meaning of this blog post of people being irrelevant to everyone’s feelings.  This just puts fire into how I feel about what peoples words and actions can do to someone. I myself, have been that second jar of rice. I would never want to do something like that to someone. I feel as a person I try my best to make sure I would never put someone in a situation I would not want to be in. Girls are really bad about this, and are worse when it involves a guy. There is no chill about the situation and its cut throat. 

That is my spill for today.

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