Losing someone you love to the war on Drugs.

Losing someone, its hard, everyone goes through it at least once in their life, and if you haven’t you might be some kind of magical creature.

The war on drugs is a battle that the United States and other countries are fighting. Overdoses happen frequently and its more common than people think.I feel like I have wrote about this story a million times, but its a large part of my life. According to the CDC in the year 2016 alone there was 63,632 that lost their lives to overdoses. Michigan happens to be one of the states that hold a significant value. In Michigan alone in the year 2017 there were 2,662 people that died from over doses. The number jumped 8% in one year. This is tragic and many people do not understand just how bad its affected our society.



Ryan is my older brother who would have been 31 years old now, but lost his life in the year 2006 at 18 years old! He was a wonderful person, someone you could count on and someone who was getting his life started. He was a hands on lets build model cars and fix real broken ones kind of guy. He was also the type of brother who had no problem playing dolls with you because you were 8 years younger. He always had such a warming smile and expressed just caring and concern for everyone around you. He was a wonderful person going to school, had a steady girlfriend, always surrounded himself with laughter and joy. Addiction is real guys. Let me tell you. Ryan was a beautiful person who was also addicted to drugs. What you didn’t see on the outside was someone who was trying heroine for the first time. Which then heroine became part of his life.

My brother was part of a ring of people who ended up overdosing on Fentanyl they thought they were taking Heroine, but in reality it was pure Fentanyl. When Ryan passed I was only about 12 and it was a start of firsts. First funeral, first time seeing dad cry, and first time being so afraid I couldn’t walk.  This is what reality is when you loose someone to drugs. Its not talked about because it was a choice they made and everyone makes an excuse. No, it was there choice and it is also okay to talk about because that person made that choice that we all now have to live with.


38197353_1743352155781873_7367723007072010240_n (1).jpg


The war on drugs is a fight that people loose to daily. People that you love and care about are struggling over and over, day by day. I could go on about how much it hurts and that even though its been over ten years it doesn’t feel the same, but its something we have to live with.


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