Ghosted. Its real. Its the newest way of getting out of talking to someone that either you met online, or that you started talking to on the reg. The term ghosting means literally dropping someone, could even be mid conversation, and never speaking or even breathing a word to them again. Its so common. Guys think that only woman do it, but guys are becoming pros. Let me tell you. Is it rude though? I am in between on that because I know in my lifetime I have done some legit ghosting. Now, having someone ghost you makes you think how rude it really was when you did it to them.

I have ghosted guys off apps like Tinder & Bumble in my lifetime, but I feel is reserved for particular situations. If things are good, but you are not feeling it, good god just simply tell the person. It will cause them a lot less hurt because you just got their hopes up to simply disappear.

The 7 Commandments of Ghosting

Certain situations in which I feel this is warranted are as follows:

  1. Guy asks for nudes in the first ten messages between you to.
  2. A guy asks you to come to his place to meet for the first time. ( Dude thats creepy)
  3. A girl mentions her crazy ex is still in the picture.
  4. A girl mentions shes friends with your ex.
  5. He starts asking really personal questions, and fast.
  6. Over five red flags in your book among-st the first hours of talking to him.
  7. He magically finds your Facebook.

I feel at that time you can safely block him on every social media, his number, and on the dating sites.



On the flip side,

Please do not just ghost someone and play games with them just because thats who you are. Imagine you’re talking to someone and its going really well, and there is a good vibe, then magically one day, *poof* they’re legit gone.  Its like the same situation when you loose a good character in a TV series, but WHY!? There are so many unanswered questions. I am not talking about the random dude that you met 8 hours ago that you have texted all day,  I am talking about weeks, months. Why is that a thing? I have had this happen to me on different occasions and it just kind of leaves you puzzled.


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