“Adrift” Review & Thoughts

                                 Adrift (2018)

This movie. OMG. It will have you saying “For Real?” for half and tears for the other.  At the titles they throw in how its a true story which just makes it harder near the end. The film was released in 2018 and directed by Baltasar Kormakur. Well this is a true story its also filled with love & action. I wouldn’t even began to consider this a “chick flick”. 

Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin are the main stars of this movie. You can recognize Shailene from movies & shows like Divergent, Insurgent, The Secret Life of the American Teenager ; she’s a very good actress in my opinion.  Now, Sam Claflin another great face to put in movies! He is phenomenal. He has started in movies like Me Before You ( also a good one) & The Hunger Games Series.  Putting these two together was the best decision the director made. They both played the parts very well. Both characters are based on real people who went through this horrific real situation. Tami Oldham Ashcraft & Richard Sharp are real people who took a journey to California from Tahiti on someone’s boat to help deliver it back somewhere.

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** DISCLAIMER** Now to breaking down this movie . There might be parts given away, so stop reading now.

Blog 1 Adrift

Just to start off the love story of this is beautiful and like every girls dream, well probably almost. Just imagine one day your working on a boat in a foreign country and some good looking English man appears with his beautiful sailboat and starts to show interest immediately. Then he invites you to dinner to eat fish that he caught himself and just butchered ( okay maybe not that part), but you get the idea.  Then the love story unfolds to them traveling to different countries on his sailboat. Keep in mind through the entire movie that “Tami Oldham” (Woodley) is only 24 years old. 

mayday - adrift 2.gif

The entire changing part of the movie is when they are traveling to California and they head into a storm which later at the end you find out is Hurricane Raymond. At this point in the movie you see Tami waking up to the boat wrecked and the man of her dreams gone. She is also in like five feet of water and floating in their cabin. She makes her way out of the cabin to see that the ship is wrecked and she is also alone.. She looks for the little dingy boat that was attached to the ship which is also gone. Eventually, using binoculars can spot the little boat and in  her eyes and disbelief there is Richard ( Sam Claflin ). He is gasping for air and hanging on for his life on this boat. She quickly grabs a pull rope and ties it around her waist to jump and save him. She makes her way out to the boat and carries his body back to the ship. She finds a nasty cut on his leg and starts first aid treatment to the wound. I think just watching this and feel what she is going through just really starts to bring tears to your eyes, but who am I kidding I sobbed through most of this movie.


The sad realization. This is the true part where I lost it. You began to only hear Richard, then all of a sudden he is not laying in the same usual spot he has been. Then it hits you, Richard is a hallucination.  Richard, however is what kept Tami alive. Its also a part of her book that she wrote on the whole account called Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea. I myself have not red the book YET. I plan on it though. However, she goes on to survive during all of this because not only is she fighting for her survival but she is also fighting for his ( the wound on his leg, broken ribs, dehydration). Keeping him alive also keeps her mind off the fact that shes alone on this ship dying. Its later on in the movie when this realization happens and they then play flashbacks of when she is caring for him and he is not really there. Grab your tissues.  If we look back into the part where Richard purposed to Tami we also realize what he said about his mother and how he keeps her alive by her voice that he has internalized. This is exactly what Tami did in order to keep herself alive.

After 41 days. 41 days, hallucinations, starvation and the hell this woman has been through a bird appears like in the beginning of the movie. A bird lands on the ship which signifies that there has to be land nearby. She then looks forward to see a ship in her horizon.  This is when she is rescued. A Japanese research ship rescues Tami. This is when she comes back to his ship and the real hurt and memories really cut deep. She looks at the many photographs that don’t only contain just him, but both of them. She looks at the handmade ring on her finger in which he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. This is the saddest part of the movie because she is no longer in survival mode and she is hurting.


As for the real Tami Oldham Ashcraft… she still sails. Talk about one strong woman.  She had taken the ring that Richard had made for her and floated it with their favorite flower.  She eventually remarried and has two beautiful daughters that looks just like her! As I watched this movie I thought to myself what it would be like being in her shoes because she is about my age. I would be nothing less than terrified and would not want to move on or live at this point. The strong will that she did not give up on her own life which I am sure there were points where she could.  This is a beautiful yet tragic story.

I really think everyone should watch this movie because it was one of the best ones I have seen in a while.


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