Do we really like Holidays?

So, call me scrooge, but the holiday’s literally don’t get me amped like some people. I could literally go without every one of them except Halloween and St. Patrick’s & MAYBE Thanksgiving.

A lot of people are like what the hell? No, seriously. Lets just start off with Christmas. Holy Mother of God. The Christmas music is literally shoved down your throat on November 1.  Carol of the bells in some dub-step remix is literally every hold song on phone calls. I mean not only is it the music on November 1, but lets talk about the decorations. CAN I HAVE A MONTH? The stores pile the Christmas trees and everyone just goes a little nutty.  People literally just get mean around the holidays.  Now do not get me wrong about the gift giving because I love shopping and go all out on gifts. However, some people just are never appreciative. Oh and not to mention

Lets just not even mention Black Friday. That’s something comparative to when the horn sounds in the Hunger Games. Aunt Peggy goes cut throat with a candy-cane. Not a fan, hard pass. There are all sorts of “deals”. However, Cyber Monday, thats where its at.

Hunger Games.gif

I think the only cool part of this holiday are the Costco Bears. 

93 Bear.jpg

Lets jump into Valentine’s Day. Just an excuse for woman to expect their man to spend a ton of money on them with roses that will die in a week. Cards that you will read once and never read again. A giant stuffed bear that will overcrowd some part in your basement till you donate it to Goodwill.  Am I right? Or am I right?

Now onto Easter. Easter bunny, terrifying. Done.

I mean Sweetest Day. A glorified Valentines Day.  Its legit a Valentines day for the dudes. They don’t even care about it half the time.

 That is my partake on the holidays, so have good ones!



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