Realizing your always put second

Lately I have been reflecting on my surroundings and how they are affecting me. I actually have been realizing lately that I am never put first, nor second, and its kind of been like a reality check.

Just to start off with, I could give so much respect to just get screwed over in the end. Compliments, and being there for someone only can go so far till you get an ounce back, then you don’t. Giving advice, having an open ear, its all very easy when you got your person too, or when they reciprocate the actions. There are just some people who are so full of themselves they don’t care about anyone else. When guys choose to hangout with me its so they can vent about the problems they have with the girls they are attracted to.. I am good enough for the advice, but not the actual position.

The term nice guys finish last just does not pertain to guys but to people in general. Keep giving and giving to get nothing back.

The best of all is that I let myself get walked on. I let myself be put second. I let myself feel like crap afterwards, but it usually happens again and again.

I feel like I should just give to people, but when they wouldn’t do the same in return.

Notice the people around you telling you things like I am good just worry about yourself. Why did I not put myself first in the first place? I just wonder sometimes why I always go out of my way for people who will find the slightest problem with me. Or on the other hand will instead just not give a crap how I am feeling because they are covered. Why do I do this to myself?


I guess I will just keep listening.

Just a couple thoughts.

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