Five Best Instagram Workout Tutorial VLOG’s

* Every VLOG I have shared has the link to their Instagram next to their name.*

** Also they are in random order and are not unique**


  1.  fit.with.iulia   (Instagram Link)


Iulia Danilova is a mom who hits the gym better than some of these chicks who don’t work and that is their job. Her videos are great and she really goes slow to make sure you can grasp her body movement when showing the different workout routines she does. I like her page because her videos are updated frequently and she does all different kinds of workouts.  She is a fitness coach and has different routines for what you are working on whether it be arms, back, legs. Her routines are varied and not the exact same workout every time. She uses different technique and method to give you a variety when you want to try something new.  She has been training for four years and even has her own app now!!!! Guess what guys she even has as blog with different topics and a Macro calculator on it! She features a Youtube video where she goes over what she eats and how she does her hair for the gym!

10/10 would recommend checking out her site.



2.  kenzzfitness    (Instagram Link)



Mckenzie is a certified personal trainer who also has easy to follow along videos that I enjoy learning from on Instagram! I like that she mixes her style of workouts up and really doesn’t have a lot of the same content for you to review, its always new! I don’t like going to the gym and not knowing what to do and her different workouts have made it easy! She also shows her progress photos which YOU GO GIRL 🙂 !  She has different tips along her fitness journey that I wish everyone know! She makes youtube videos about her journey and how to not to expect it to be like magic and happen overnight, which is the encouragement I feel like everyone needs to here. She also goes over in one of her youtube videos what its like to be a woman who started lifting! She literally goes over everything and I love her VLOG and her instagram in general!



3. kcampfit    (Instagram Link)


I feel like I can relate when it comes to looking at Kinsey Camps Insta and VLOG’s because shes my age (Maybe that is just me). If you look at her website she features an about me which goes over how her favorites are pizza and donuts! She started off where everyone else did, going to the gym and having no clue what she was doing and I feel like that is something I can relate to! Her workout videos are bomb and she really focuses the important of resistance bands, which BTW if you don’t have any go buy some! I like the way she described in her about me of not having a workout partner so instead she made an Instagram page for her fitness diary to hold her accountable to work out every! Now that is smart!  She also does makeup and hair tutorials!


4. fwfglife  (Instagram Link)


Yoga with Adriene

So Yoga With Adriene is better to look at on YouTube rather than Instagram because she has thousands of yoga tutorials. She goes over the different techniques and how to do them when it comes to different styles and even meditation!  She is all about helping people get over the hump and be able to practice! The woman Adriene Mishler who teaches the tutorials is a yoga teacher from Austin Texas. She goes over the art of finding your you and finding your awareness through different techniques. This is my go to after stressful days or if I want to do some yoga between yoga classes.

Yoga with Adriene.PNG


5. brooklynhillfit    ( Instagram Link )



Brooklyn Hillenbrand is another one of my favorites because she has different unique arm workouts! She uses a lot of free weights and I feel that is where I always am confused. She has different floor workouts that she shows and in her description labels everything that she does! Not only does her Instagram page have workout tutorials, but she has information on beauty, different supplements, and FOOD! She is a certified trainer and coaches group fitness as well!  She played travel soccer in high school and started her journey a couple years ago. Part of me mentioning that she played soccer is that she had three knee surgeries and has still proven you can still keep going. I had knee surgery and that shit is not easy.  She started bodybuilding because it was what she could do with her injury and it drove her to her success. She has different workout plans that you can purchase on her website, but has tons of tutorials on her Instagram page!

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