Mental Health Awareness 🌻

October 10th was National Mental Health Day and I didn’t even post! This day means so much to not only myself, but the different movements and organizations that fight to better mental health everyday. Roughly two years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD and Severe Depression & Anxiety. I am 23.  Lets put it this way, I would have kept having the same dream every night, be scared to meet new people, and not want to get out of bed if I hadn’t been diagnosed with this. This is also the first time I’ve let people know about this! If I told you about it before this post please take it to heart you mean something to me in my life!

I myself fight everyday living with PTSD. I couldn’t believe my ears hearing this, my heart kind of dropped being diagnosed with this because it was new. I was actually in a denial about this for a while. I didn’t even know much about the disorder myself. What does this mean to me and how am I going to go about dealing with it. Is it usual for people this young to be diagnosed with this? I thought PTSD is only something people who went into the force ended up with. Let me tell you this, educating myself and the people around me made this entire process a lot easier.

Here’s what I found out. I have a strong supportive family and a lot of supportive friends who I am thankful for. My dog Maddie is my life and helps me get through everyday! I realized who I could trust and who really was going to be there for me. There is so much help already out there for being dealing with this and you are most definitely not alone! There are different things you can do to deal with the disorder and your life will be almost normal. They have medications coupled with counseling that work wonders.  There are different clubs and organizations that devote their time in effort into helping the many people who are affected by this. I also have found my best release is working out. I take any bad days to the gym and get rid of them and this has been the best way for me to cope with the different problems.

I am here to tell you I don’t let PTSD define me. I don’t let it cripple me and I sure in the hell don’t let it screw with my life. Its something I am still working on till this day and that might not ever change. I live a pretty normal life. I do have triggers that I have learned to cope with and those also do not define me. I am young and still have a long life to live and I for damn sure will not let this affect me.

I’m happy and I will continue to be as strong as I have been ❤️

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