Whats in my Gym Bag?

Workout Gif

Pre Workout

Hit GNC or Bodybuilding.com and find what you like! I never even tried pre-workout till about a year ago. Holy Shit, game changer. My favorite right now is Mr. Hyde in the peach rings flavor. I have tried several of the different ones and this one is working for me right now.  I have tried many different ones and found that recently if you mix it with tonic water its super yummy.

Makeup Remover

I feel like this has to be in my gym bag before I leave for the gym because I never know exactly where I am coming from. I use the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Waterproof Makeup Remove. Its so gentle on the eyes and I keep a regular one at home and a travel size with me like in every bag I own LOL. My second must have is the Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – The Grapefruit one! They smell so damn good. Oh and cotton balls to go with this section. MUST HAVE COTTON BALLS.

Flip Flops

Good lord it actually hurts me inside when I see ladies walking around the gym barefoot, in the locker room. Do you know how many infections just live on that floor? A LOT.  I use my crocs lmao! I croc around the gym proudly. It just grosses me out when I see a lady or even a guy on the pool floor without flip flops on. EWH! I also always have these in my bag for when I do yoga classes.

Hair Ties

I should rephrase that to hair ties of all sizes lmao! I always have like 50 hair ties either in a zip pouch or they are literally thrown at the bottom of the bag. Mine always break because I have a ton of hair! lol!

Protein Powder

You need your after pump recovery bro. LOL. Just kidding, but no for real some people are like why don’t you just make your shake at home….. because it will be warm? I always just bring my powder with me that way I can mix up a shake when I get done. I really like chocolate flavors because I feel like its almost a reward for pumping hard iron bro.

Shower Caddie

Sounds Boujee right? HA! you can be that person that has fifteen shampoo essentials in your hand, trying to keep a towel up in your crocks. Been there done that, no thanks. I always keep this little zip bag with me that holds ONLY what I need for the shower. My shampoo, conditioner, shaver, body wash, body exfoliation, a LUFA!


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