The DOLE Cup

Do you ever feel like the DOLE fruit cup in heavy syrup? Meaning your not the main dish, but something on the side. you’re in some shit , and people tolerate you but don’t really like you?

I don’t know if anyone’s ever seen the episode on It’s always Sunny, but their is a method on their called the “DENNIS Method” I have never seen something more accurately published about what happens in my entire life.

This is something my bestfriend and I were discussing over brunch and mimosas this morning ! I hate being in that spot and when you know you’re in that spot and you keep letting it happen! You’re a person! I really feel like this goes with not being the side salad but it’s so important. Sure , you might not even want to be his main person but for gods sake he should not even make you a side…. that’s wrong. We also went on how we could do everything we could for someone to like you which is bad in itself for them to just walk off like you’re non existent . Just makes me sad to witness such good girls like my friends going through this.

Another thing: Why do guys say shit to girls they know is going to piss the girl off ? Then they ask if we’re okay and expect everything to go just dilly dally! Ha bye? A friend of mine discussed how this guy told her that he has been seeing this chick yet still wants to flirt with her and I just don’t get this logic from the guys side. How would you feel if that was you?? You like being second because I know I don’t.

I told her that maybe it’s time to drop this grade A fuckboy because he obviously has no respect for anyone but himself and THAT girl . Not you.

I think also finding enough confidence in ourselves to know when we’d should walk away is a hard thing because you like what we’re doing, but it might not be good for you. They can make you smile for a while, but when they’re done , they’re done. They don’t care about you.

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