How to survive your best friend moving 359 miles south?

I know I sound like a cry baby, but for real you don’t realize how inconvenient it is when your best friend isn’t like 500 feet away anymore, or even in the same state.


My best friend decided to go to school to become a Plastics Engineer she makes like car parts and shit. I swear she secretly produces dildos because their plastic… anywho. Here’s how I’ve survived.

You can still call her crying when you’re in a Crisis!

I literally talk to my best friend who doesn’t live here anymore more than I talk to my own mother. Keeping close even though you’re not physically there is so important. Even if its the slightest inconvenience I face time her. I mean lets face it you just need your girl ! I need to hear that hardcore fuckboy advice she shell’s out. “Girl you need to just drop his ass,” this shits important. lmao. She has called out every duche I have been with. Shes my best friend and has been their through every drunk troll I’ve dated, she will keep things in control even five states down.

I think its so important to stay close even if its like dating someone who lives a billion miles away. That is my best friend girl and I will cheer you on from states away. The same inside jokes I will always cherish, shit we can even watch Netflix together. THIS IS IMPORTANT. XOXO GOSSIP GIRL. Sometimes I even go and visit her mom who still lives at home just because that is the NORM.

In the same token she is always there for you and I am always there for her. I will always be there for that girl because she is my sister. I grew up 9 houses down from here], we had moms who were best friends. Hell, my first time meeting her I clocked her with a toy lmao ( we were pristine little girls). She has been there through so much with me.


Love you Lindsay Lou Who.

xoxoxoxoxoxo sam


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