Fall Must-DO-HAVE List

Alright guys, this one is kind of to help you out. On the same token ladies, take a gander. Every girl wants that surreal cider mill photo and some other things.  Here’s whats on my bucket list for this fall…. and what should be part of yours.

Dancing Pump.gif

The Cider Mill



Guys I don’t care if you’re not even dating the chick, just “seeing” her, take her to the flipping mill. LMAO. Its like mandatory during the months of Late Aug (depending on the weather up until November to make a trip to the cider mill. Bro, you get donuts out of this. Every girl likes to have a guy ask her and I mean I love cider. Some of the different cider mills allow for you to get spiked cider there now, so go! You can also get cider slushies and they are so good! There are different things to do at the Cider Mill and most are pet friendly so you can bring the doggy. I think another thing that draws me into certain cider mills are the cute little stores that are always connected to them with the little trinkets and homemade jam and stuff. I also have attached some of the cider mills that have the things like the slushies below:


Wiard’s Orchard

The Smells





Bath and Body works should just get my paycheck every week or so… I go ape shit in this store when there fall season comes into play. I love the candles and the fact that you can have a pouch of cinnamon apples hooked onto your keys for use! I absolutely love the air fresheners for not only the house but also my car. I just want to smell the pure yumminess all the time.  There Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Scent is to die for! They even make super cute little fall candle holders that you can buy for them!


Buy a Pumpkin Spiced What Ever


Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin spiced frappes. Pumpkin spiced muffins and cookies. There is literally a pumpkin spiced protein powder. Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte is filled with different things from pumpkin to nutmeg that allows you to even taste fall! They put the cute whipped cream on top and sprinkle some cinnamon and its super cute!  You can get it iced, frozen, or even warm, or extra warm. They’re damn good, by the way! Tis the season, so do it up. I will mention that Einstein’s has a Pumpkin Spice Muffin and its to die for.


You get to Decorate! 


giphy (1).gif

HA! Girls favorite, going to the store and buying unhealthy amounts of sparkly pumpkins and ghords. The different things you can decorate your house with! Pillows, accent pillows, different handmaid throws are all fall inclusive and I am obsessed. Plaid everything and country chic are the perfect fall tones. Burgundy! I love the color burgundy and its really accepted during this time.


Octoberfest & Every other Fall Brew



** ALMOST as exciting as Oberon coming back into season. I love Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. There are so many different kinds and hard ciders to also try during this time.  I don’t think I am a huge fan of the pumpkin flavored beers, so that one would be your preference, but the different beers that come out during this season are fantastic. If you’re not a beer person try some cider. There are so many different kinds of hard cider that are delicious! There is place by me called Witches Hat Brewing Company that has fantastic cider, they also serve in cute little glasses and its a fun time. (I will attach their info below, deff a good visit)

———————>>>> Witches Hat Info


Boots & Sweaters



Its Boot Season! I know this is probably one of the best times of the year because the outfits get cuter, more comfortable, and you can do more! Girl I love my UGGS! I love going to buy new boots because I wear several different ones during the season, and it gives you an excuse to buy more. I love being able to wear boots, they go with like everything, seriously. On a side note, the best part of getting to wear boots and leggings is also to be able to wear a baggy sweater on top of it. I love sweater weather. SO COZY!





One of the next best things is also Football & Beer. There is lots of this during the fall season… think of all the cute outfits and good brews. I don’t care if you think there are umpires in football… just watch the game, you will catch on. It took me forever to learn about football and now I get excited to watch it because I know whats going on. So put on that super cute long sleeve with your team and the vest and head to the bar with or without a man!


 Scary Houses!


The fun of Halloween! There are so many different scary hayrides, houses, and even just presentations….. Make a night out of it. Its all about the season and its what you’re suppose to do. Some people don’t like scary houses and that is okay, just go to wait for your friends at the other end.

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