Well I mean it probably has been around for some people for a while but I found two locations of the company that does the rolled ice cream! The one I am going to mention is located in Downtown Dearborn, Michigan. It has a cute little location that is right next to a Bar Louie & Martini bar, cigar bar, and food! Talk about a triple threat!

So, ICE-NY is a ice cream shop that features the rolled ice cream. This company was started in Thailand where it branched and eventually made its way to the US. The first location that was in the United States was in NY. One of the best parts of this is that they have the signature creations, but also have the create your own! The process is so cool to watch and they do it right in front of you. YES, you can literally watch them roll your ice cream. The plate they roll the ice cream on can sometimes be as cold as 15 below zero. Ice Ice baby! The server uses two spatulas and puts the creamy mixture on the ice tray and began using the scrapers to work with the ice cream! In under two minutes the creamy mixture becomes thickened to be able to roll into rolls. Its soooo goood! I would 10/10 recommend just trying this place at least once.


My favorites are the Very Berry ( pictured above) and the Mango Sticky Rice. The Very Berry has all different kinds of fruits mixed in and toppled on top! The mango sticky rice is super yum as well filled with coconut sauce and sticky rice inside.


I will leave all the delicious deets below, go check it out!


ICE NY West Dearborn

22259 Michigan Ave

Dearborn , MI 48124

I CE NY Website





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