Date Night?

giphy.gif            So everyone knows that first dates can either go really well, or you’re texting your best friend low key some pineapples so that she knows to call you crying so you can perform the perfect escape. Lets be real the second occurrence usually happens more than the first. So really what is the best first dates?



giphy (2)

I think getting drinks or cocktails is legit the way to go. You can talk, enjoy music and learn about one another. Myself I always feel like you can judge a person by the type of beer they drink. Right off the bat maybe they don’t even drink beer, what if their a whiskey snob…. more conversation to talk about ! Not only that but “tequila makes her clothes come off” it also allows for you to see someones personality a little because lets face it alcohol seems to show peoples real side. I think as someone in the dating world that is one of my go to for meeting someone for the first time.



I really don’t know if this is an actual thing everywhere, but it should be. So who doesn’t want to go throw a football at some bowling pins? That’s a legit thing, if you’re not familiar.  So its set up as a two way bowling ally and each person or team stands on each side of the “ally” and tries to knock over the pins on the other side, seems simple right? ISSA challenge. The space from side to side seems short till you’re not a football player and have no hand eye coordination. I think this is a wonderful way to get to know someone, the beer is cheap, and you have a lot of room to talk and be yourself.

If you’re a metro Detroit resident try checking out the The Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck, Mi. Check it out ——-> Fowling Warehouse – Detroit

A Concert.

tenor (1).gif

That sounds so surreal right? No, for real it doesn’t have to be Jay Z and Beyonce, but even just live Music will usually do the trick. I went to a blues concert ( I hate blues music) and it was a blast! Its a wonderful environment and who doesn’t like to vibe over some good music. Even if you just go to a bar or a club with some good music playing whether you can dance or night it might lighten the mood of the awkward first date vibes.

Trivia Night!

giphy (1).gif

This is a new and upcoming thing that really been a hit for the millennial. It can kind of go hand and hand with the go get drinks theme, but usually this will go down at a bar or a restaurant depending on where the trivia is. Trivia night is perfect for a first date or to even start bringing someone around your friends and the people you usually hang around with, or you two can just go just you guys! Either way its fun, and really makes people think outside of the box.

Go on a walk/hike!


Okay lol, this one might not be a first date kind of thing but maybe one of the first couple dates lol. We’ve all seen Dexter, lets not. However, who doesn’t want to go for a nice walk along the river or downtown at night with someone else. You can really get to the talking on a walk or a hike. Not only is it just a good spot for talking, but I mean you could probably find a great place for a sunset over some water, ya know some hallmark shit.

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