Review of the Series “Slasher”

** Disclaimer there is some info shared that you might not want to read unless you don’t care about actually watching the series.


Slasher – Created in 2016 and based in Canada, but really has gone upwards in America. The award wining series was filmed in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and a couple surrounding areas. It was released in the US in March of 2016 then released in Canada about month later. The writer and producer Aaron Martin created this wonderful madness and he’s a genius, hes also the writer of Degrassi! Slasher has won many Canadian Screen awards including “Best Writing in a Dramatic Series.” As of right now there are two seasons. Season one called “The Executioner” debut in 2016, and Season two: Guilty Party debut in 2017. Both seasons are great and have nothing to do with one another.

If you like cuddling up on the couch and watching some gore, Netflix it out, this ones for you. This series takes spiraling turns with phenomenal game changers. 

Season 1 – The Executioner


Season one – takes place in Waterbury, which is a fictional made up town jam packed with horrific background. A woman in the series named Sarah Bennett decides to move back home after many years with her newly married husband Dylan. Dylan is a writer and Sarah is an artist. She decides to move back to the house her parents were slaughtered in ( Why would you do that?). Sarah’s parents were murdered on Halloween night ( I know , how convenient) in 1988. As they move back and get settled in, the horrors come back for revenge. Her dad ends up being this psycho killer who killed her “parents”.  New deaths, new killings, all except Sarah…

Season 2 – Guilty Party


Season two – Ha, this ones a little cup of what the fuck.  Basically, summer camp leads to a pack of teens killing a fellow camp counselor because she banged their boyfriends, hiding her body, deciding to go back to move her body, and ending up dead… The friends decided she should pay for what she did ( Talk about needing a psych eval.) and decided to take her into the woods to leave her and “teach her a lesson”. This was far from what the heck went down. They ended up killing “Talvinder” and then are forced to live with that through the teenage years and decide in five years to go back as a team to make sure their tracks were covered. Well guess what…. one psycho leads to another, a little incest, and boom you have a mentally ill mother (who’s son they blamed the whole thing on) come back for revenge on all five of these friends.  On the flip side… the mother was already in the area since she joined the wellness cult that inhabits the deserted camp and know about the dead girl because they accidentally found her body one day, but didn’t want the real estate deal they had to go south so they too just decided to move her body and move on…. WHAT THE FUCK.

Overall, this series kept you on your toes and I think its great. I recommend if you are looking for something to binge on to go for it. There are only two seasons and the episodes are about an hour long. I preferably liked the second season more than the first… I cannot wait for the third ( good things take time). I feel that after watching these though and how the characters handled the situations I would totally live lmao. 

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