A letter to the person I call bestfriend.

Dear Best friend,


          Thank you for going out to drinks with me for the third time this week because today was “rough”. Thank you for trying new ice cream shops even though we are taking security risks and not judging me on how much I love ice cream. Thank you for your kind words of support even though your blunt words of support are great and needed.
            More importantly thank you for always being there for me on a non judgmental zone even though you probably should judge me. You listen to me on countless occasions and really listen and I love the feedback that you give me, I need that in my life. Our nights at Old Shillelagh in Detroit will be the ones I always cherish and remember, and the many times getting our favorite Mules from Gastro Pub in Plymouth.  I love our trips to Marshall and the mall to spend money we really should not be spending.
       I am thankful we put our past behind us and thankful that we are as close as ever, because you truly are my sister. We have a long history of ups and downs and am glad we are past that stage lol! I mean who else am I going to go get overpriced toppled with fruit rolled ice cream with?
So yes,
Thank you for being a one of a kind friend and a person I can share so many memories with along with vent my life too.


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