An Open What?

An Open Relationship? What does that even mean? So, I just kind of jumped back into the online dating world and I have seen this more than I ever had so I thought why not explore it.

By definition:  An Open Marriage or Relationship – A marriage in which both partners agree to have sexual relations with others.

That is great, but are there rules?

I am so used to what was the norm, you date one person. You fuck one person and that is about it. Sure there are different types of relationships, like friends with benefits, fuck buddies (Maybe they are the same thing?) but a relationship where you get to marry one person and fuck another? OH. I guess I was just shocked when I first heard of this, however, its crazy common now.

What a time to be alive, a wife & a girlfriend?

So, after thinking this through and talking to certain people in these kind of relationships I started to get it, but I guess the traditional side of me could never see myself part of one. I like to stick to one person and I mean that with everything. Sex, Dinner Dates, sleeping. I think the jealousy factor would play a huge role in this. Trust to me is seriously this, don’t move between people so sharing that with someone and only that person gives me that Hallmark fuzzy feeling, but I guess some people can just get past that. My thoughts as I swiped right was your husband has his own Tinder Profile and like your okay with this?

Just to jump to another set of questions: Who do you hangout with more? What if they cross paths? Do they cross paths? Do they know each other and are they friends? Do you cook dinner for both? Which one lives with you? Do they both?


Most woman are FBI agents. Like we all are guilty of completely stalking someones Instagram and Facebook before even going to grab drinks with your Right swipe Tinder match, but like what if he has a wife? Is she going to get mad? Is she doing the same thing.

I am left unanswered. Please feel free to share.

Kudos to those that can do it though, keep doing your thing.


  1. I totally shocked when I see some people talk openly about this kind of relationships, what is the meaning of couple if there will be three or four can share with you the most private part of your life?
    if you have an account on Quora community you will be shocked more when you see how those people very proud of their adventures!!

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  2. That is the society we are living in. Though it is a personal choice, in my humble submission human beings are not meant to behave like this. At one time you should only have one partner. If you do not like your partner for any reason, emotional, sexual you can always leave. I was reading an article of why marriages are going no where in WSJ recently and the main reason cited was easy access to sex.


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