Advice for newly single pals

When you break up with someone you really have to adjust every little thing about your life because your life changes. Some people have to fall out of love and sometimes it just happens to someone. It happened to me and I can say it has been one of the hardest transitions I have ever gone through.
When I say your life changes I literally mean it. Some couples see each other every day where as other couples might see each other every other week, either or something is going to change. Your daily routine might be completely thrown off for a couple weeks before you start to make habits for your own schedule. It is necessary to keep moving even though the time your going through might be really hard. Set schedules and make sure that you stick to them. Set goals of where you want to see yourself in two months. Fill the other half of YOUR glass back up. Sure, its going to take some time to cut the routine and its going to be damn hard, but you can and will do it.Distractions, sometimes they can work and sometimes they might not. Find someone that you can fill the time that you had spent with that other person. Find a hobby that you never tried but like and fill your time. Reach out to people that might have distanced themselves when you were together with that person and branch out.
**** Disclaimer***** These distractions I am talking about shouldn’t be your first five bumble matches.



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