5 ways to add a little oomph to your game !

1. Girl let it match!

I have a lot of guy friends and always like asking them what their favorite color of lingerie on a woman is! Most of them will say red! I have heard black every once in a while too, but what a lot of them start with is matching! Ladies, buy a bra and panties set that match because it’s a huge turn on! The lace is another big hit, and ten to one they are going to land on the floor anyways! So yes even though they usually come right off , throw him a curve ball and bring out the matching ones!

2. Take control and speak your mind!

Some guys really like to be dominate where as other guys would prefer to just let the girl take over, some guys really just don’t know ( usually they do, find that unicorn ). Ladies, sit on his lap, bite his lip, call him daddy! Let him know that you want him and where you want him to finish at! A lot of guys like to hear the woman and it actually turns him on when she tells him how she wants to be done!

3. Toys, toys, toys!

Dildos, vibrators, cockrings! Bring out the tingle cream! If you’re anything like me I love to explore and try new things! Have him use a toy on you well he also does you! This can be a turn on for both sexes! Use a blindfold and tie his hands to the bed frame! Hit him from left field !

4. Positions!

Ever feel like your to big or that a position might not be comfortable for you? Ten to one your partner is not thinking along those lines but the thrill of trying a new way of being inside you! I always felt my boobs were too big to be on top of a guy until I was with a guy who told me how much he enjoyed it! Then it was game on. Reverse cowgirl I feel meets in the middle of this as you are facing the other way, but still riding him on top! Embrace your size ladies!

5. Turn on the porn or some good music!

Guys actually like this a lot ! It’s a huge turn on when guys get to watch porn with their partner! It sets the mood, jumpstart ideas! Music is another good thing to be playing in the background! Something with a good beat and some good rhythm!


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