Respect, seven letters, the power to kill, and what everyone wants. There are different areas in life where respect will flare up like the common cold. Relationships, friendships, business relationships, most of the time just relationships go hand and hand with respect. Why though? Why shouldn’t we treat everyone with respect all the time ? Why does everyone feel the need treat it as something you earned? I try to give my respect to people no matter what so that they feel inside are as important as I am.

In a relationship, respect for one another tells if that relationship is going to last. Does he go home after your dates to talk to his other fifteen side bitches and ignore your texts? He probably has no respect for you what so ever. Chivalry isn’t dead and comes with the common respect factor in a relationship in both the man and the woman. The woman should have enough respect to not wear her most revealing crop top to go out to dinner with the company she works for and sit right next to that manager that has been eyeing her. Respect is something that should be considered and be looked at as a common priority amongst relationships .

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