10 Things that Helps me Get through the Day.

  1. Water


Yeah, there are some people who can literally just chug it and there are others that literally don’t ever drink water. I was always one of those who never drank as much as I should. I always drank some just not the recommended amount! However, I started feeling super sluggish during the day and it became an issue with school and work. I read somewhere that water was like a miracle. I started drinking tons and would challenge myself to drink so many cups before a certain time, it worked. Is it easy? HELL NO.  Most people thing its just water, yeah no forcing yourself to drink that much is a lot.  Oh, but the benefits it brings. My hair started growing faster, my acne cleared up. I literally felt refreshed. You would think I was from an Ice Mountain commercial. Your energy boosts, your mind is at ease and most importantly you feel very refreshed! Its like taking a swim in the ocean and coming out of the water and feeling the breeze. I keep my water crazy cold with a ton of ice that’s the only way I can get myself to chug it. I try to challenge myself to my tiny water bottle which holds the amount of an actual water bottle just looks smaller ( your mind plays tricks, but its helpful!). I try to drink about 8 bottles of those per day!  So drink your water, its so worth it!

2. Plan out Your day!


I always like to look ahead and see what kind of schedule I  have for myself for the next day! Don’t you like to know things before they come at you! I think planning out your day is so much more helpful if you want your day to start off right and go nice and smooth! That way there is no surprises and nothing that your not expecting. Plan out a calendar of important things or not even just plan different times and what you are going to do that day!

3. Make a List


Reward yourself. If you make a list and you accomplish a task, the feeling of crossing something out on that list is an amazing upper! Lets say you have a list of 20 things and yes some of them could be small, but you cross out half of them your halfway done with all the shit you have to do for that day! A list is more of a mind thing, I mean yes you are getting a lot done, but necessarily it puts the mind at ease.

4. Give Yourself You Time During the Day!



Our lives are all stressful, they really are. Sometimes I am so busy during the day, that I have a hard time finding time to actually stop and breathe and take in my surroundings. Take a deep breath, sit down, and really take in your surroundings. Is there something that you can faintly hear, but you can focus on? Focus on that. take a deep breath in, hold for 8 seconds, then slowly release it.  If it does help do some yoga poses that you can do anywhere! There are tons of YouTube videos online that will walk you through each pose! It might not seem like much, but it will work wonders for people who are easily stressed. So, stop, clear your mind, and relax!

5. Startle your Routine.


Do you think that you keep a 9 to 5 routine everyday? Change it up a bit, throw something wild in there. Do you go to get a coffee at Timmy’s every morning, and get the same thing? Shoot, go to McDonald’s or Starbucks and get something different. Changing your routine can do wonders for everyone. It changes your pace and makes you think a little. So you get a Venti Tuxedo Mocha Soy with a shot of Raspberry instead of a large Coke and McGriddle WITH BACON! That’s right change it up!

6. Ignore the Negativity.


Do you have that one co worker that is around you that is ALWAYS negative? They could literally be tearing you down piece by piece. Having someone who keeps the room just complaining about everything and really has nothing positive to say can literally change the mood of the room. Ignore that person, put some earphones in if you can or literally just put a imaginary wall in front of them! You need to be positive in order to be happy.

7.  Car Rides


Ever find yourself not knowing what to do during the day? So, then you lay on the couch and eventually just fall asleep and take a nap? Yeah, grab your keys roll all your windows down ( if its nice enough ) and cruise around listening toy our favorite music. Its a very calming atmosphere which is exactly what you need. If you don’t want to waste your gas ( some people are a little edgy about it ) take a hike, literally, go walk around a park or go to your local town nature’s preserve and take a walk even if you are on your lunch brake.

8. The Gym

giphy (2)

Okay I am not going to be that blogger, but recently I decided to start going back to the gym. I hate the gym, like really hate it. I will not pay over $30 a month for it so I am a member of planet fitness and I can say that yes I might hate the gym, but its for damn sure feels like an accomplishment. Even if you don’t do anything, but walk on the treadmill for over thirty minutes, its still a great feeling walking out of the gym and knowing that little accomplishment was achieved.

9. Time Out Your Day!

raw (1)

If you feel that you spend way to much time on one thing during your day and you dread doing that certain even in your day, spend less time doing it. Sure, sometimes things just have to be done, but does it necessarily have to take that long to do things. See if you can time yourself and beat the time that you did yesterday. Set yourself up some challenges!

10. Live your Life. 

giphy (4)

Everyday of your life should not be a constant run, run, and run. Take a day off and do what you want for the day! People need to understand that we only get one life and only have one life to do the things we need to do. Just note something and really take it to mind, all of our graves are going to be the same size whether you work to the bone everyday or you sit at home and do nothing!

giphy (3)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
― Mae West


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