When your boyfriend’s ex is still relevant. 

Welp ! It’s not very often that your boyfriend’s step sister’s are best friends with his ex girlfriend. I mean that’s cool and everything and I love his sister’s to death. What does that mean!? It means she is like still around, still comes to the house, and still thinks it okay! How am I suppose to feel though? Here are five ways to keep your head up and know your number one if the witch is still there!

1. Know that his family stands behind you.

Yes, she may be around and yes, she may still be talked about, but does she actually matter to the important people? NO. If you have a great relationship with your boyfriend’s parents then you should know that they think what they think about you.

2. If she talks shit, call her out.

A lot of girls are jealous, over completely nothing. If the relationship didn’t work why are you so obsessed with what he does or who he is with? Call her out on it, bet you she will back down.  She knows where you stand and knows where you take rank compared to her.

3.  Flaunt it . 

Notice, she’s always around or trying to worm her way in? Let her. Flaunt what you have compared to her because you are happy and what she lost! Show off a ring he got you or simply just talk about how fantastic your life is! If she wants to weasel her way let her she will see what she doesn’t have and leave it alone.

4. YOUR man.

Your man is yours, he is your boyfriend and who you are in a relationship with. You should be able to trust your man to stand behind you and take your side for things. I mean he is your man.

5. Kill a person with kindness. (MOST IMPORTANT)

A lot of people ask how in the world do you handle that situation? I mean in reality no girl would be okay knowing his ex is literally in the other room. I’ve just learned to kill her with kindness even though I can’t stand her. She can’t say anything bad if you don’t give her any fuel, she’s a ticking time bomb, pull the string she explodes! Why pull that string? For example: Running into her at the bar with mutual friends. Buy her a shot it could go either north or south. – no really she might actually break your windshield.

I’m pretty sure someone in the world has experienced this or even an ex just bring to much to there. This is from experience and what I’ve learned. 

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