Different Dreams.


Lay your head down on the pillow and get comfortable for the night. Before you know it you’ve fell into a deep sleep. Do you ever wake up the next morning breathing heavy or enlightened by whatever you dreamed the night before? Why is it you dream about what you dream. Is it caused by a certain even that happened the day before? Do you trigger your dream by something you say or do hours before you fall into that deep sleep?

One night I had a dream. It was scary, yet different. Throughout the dream there was a man without a face. He would paint wild paintings throughout my home and I could see him walking inside my home. When he was painting I could see a very large paintbrush and bright red paint. He would drag the red paint in swirls and different weird designs down the wall. I always wondered about this. What was the painting about? Why was I scared when thinking about this? And Who was that man?

After doing a little research on the dream.. I broke it down into different parts. According to Interpreting Dreams this is the following information I found:

The painting: The painting is suppose to mean that I completed a big project in my life.

The color of the paint (Red): This could mean a couple different things. Red can mean things from passion all the way to danger and feeling impulsive.

The Paintbrush: The paintbrush is suppose to mean unity and conformity.

A Faceless Person: I searched multiple things to find the meaning of this one. I finally found it a faceless person in a dream is suppose to mean I am trying to find myself inside. Trying to leap into understanding different people.

The Fear: The fear part is what I felt but what I couldn’t see. I guess that would also bring panic as well. I was scared. After looking at all three of these aspects the fear is really a meaning of what is going on around me. Something that is happening around me scares me. To also dream that I am scared means that I have felt rage towards someone or something.

Conclusion: I don’t know what has been happening or why I have such odd things in different parts of my dreams, but I think it was healthy to explore reasons on why I could be dreaming and breaking down the different parts. Concluding that I am fearful about something that is transitioning around me. This could mean that something that is happening around me could be dangerous or scary.  The unity and conformity means that someone or something that could be dangerous around me might be several people or things acting as one. These are just how I take it. I would love to know how you guys take it!


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