10 Little Things that Might Make Her Day!



Sounds Original Yes. However, what girl doesn’t enjoy having her man go out of his way to grab her a even a small bouquet or a single rose? That moment of happiness is something that compares to being on vacation, or winning at the casino. That’s is winning in my book!

  • Checking up on Her Throughout the Day.

When I say checking up, I do not mean stalking her to make sure she is exactly where she is suppose to be. I mean sending her a text just to see how she is partly through the day and to make sure she has everything she needs! Asking things like, did you eat lunch, or how is working going?

  • Food.

No, I don’t mean the large packet of Ghiradelli Chocolates. I mean the beefy nacho grillers from Taco Bell. I mean yes chocolates are nice, but tacos are the way to the heart.

  • Back Tickles

Every girl loves to jump in bed with their significant other and have them play with their hair and tickle their back. Its relaxing she feels special and it will just make her sleep better.

  • Watch her favorite movie.

Some guys are not fans of the sappy Nicholas Sparks series of movies, but would it hurt to watch one? Sure, its not Act of Valor or The Terminator, and you might get stuck with a long one. Now, if its the Titanic and you’ve watched it a hundred times its okay to say no. Once in a while it will never hurt to make her feel special and watch Dear John or even A Walk to Remember. I mean Mandy Moore is pretty right? Make her feel important.

  • Plan the date.

Girls love it when guys take action, no I mean action on where we are going for dinner. If you let her plan every date and event you go to what fun is that for her. Its almost like you are relying and needing her to do things for you. Show her that you can handle things and decide to take her to the art museum or a picnic by the lake!

  • Let her take your Clothes home.

Girls love steeling hoodies from their boyfriends closets, why not make her day and just let her take it home. You probably have over a thousand like it, they are most likely all the same and it probably reeks of your choice of cologne. They’re usually a lot bigger and huge on the girl so they’re perfect to sleep in. Now, there are some of those girls that will take like five and leave you without any, that takes a special type.

  • Invite her to have a Cold One With the Boys

HAHA! Sure, you need to have guy time, but it shouldn’t be all the time. You should not push her out because you have that one friend who is over 30 and can’t keep a girl to save his life. Your friends might like her and like her being around. Like I said keep your guy time, but sometimes it’s not always a bad thing to bring your girl around.

  • If she is having a bad day, dear god, let her vent.

We ALL have those days whether your a guy or a girl. However, when girls have those days they could be upset about two different things on either end  of the spectrum but it will still look like someone died. Sit with her, hold her, tell her you understand even if it is about them shorting her chicken nuggets at Mickey D’s.

  • Make is known that she is Yours.

So this is HUGE whether your relationship is new or you have been together for five years. Grab her hand in public, ask her opinion on things even if you are with the guys. Make her feel that she is an important aspect of the decisions you are making. Kiss her forehead while waiting in line at Meijer, or hug her from behind looking at makeup at Target. Just make her feel like the only girl in the world.

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