Weird Habits or Trends that may or may not drive you nuts.

Ever think about the different things you see people do everyday and why they do such things? Like for instance, you notice someone fixing the picture frames at a random doctors office because they are a little crooked, something you might not have thought twice about! Habits are acts that are repeated that are not easily broken.  What about things that are not necessary habits but are acts that some people are so anal about? Think about it…

  • Someone asking you to turn down the music as they are making sure they are not turning into oncoming traffic. 

This one always gets me! I literally laugh because this is something I do. Lets see I am turning onto a long road and need to make sure that I have no oncoming traffic, but my boyfriend want’s to blare snoop dog, so I pull the bitchy girlfriend mode and yell at him to turn it down because I am trying to turn! He then replies ,” What! Do you see out of your ears!?” I definitely think about this one because he is truly right, but I think this is more of a concentration issue.

  • Strategically Placing the Covers over your leg and toe, but organizing them so you knee sticks out for some fresh air!

Another LOL, What good does this do, it’s not like you overly sweat in just your knees, but why is it so refreshing for someone to have only part of their leg become ice-cold?

  •  Tapping on an object, or tapping your foot in a quiet room. Clicking the pen, or breathing loudly? Moving back in forth in your twirling office chair?

This one infuriates me! I work in an office I share with two other people. Concentration is hard to get and comes from far when it does. However, there is always that one person who has to be doing something in order to make some kind of noise or to keep movement. WHY! I am trying to think over here. I am trying to keep my sanity as well. I just don’t get why you have to be that person!

  • Asking for a piece of fruit for your beer and just little cupping it on the rim of your cup!

What the hell does this do for the drink! One of my favorite beers is Oberon, but one of the top things I need with my Oberon is an orange. I usually will take the orange and squeeze it in my drink. There are some people who will order a beer and need some kind of fruit garnish, but like literally just let it sit there on the side of the glass. So, is that a personal preference to be able to look at the fruit garnish?

  • People getting in the car with A/C and its 100 degrees and only rolling down the windows?

To get fresh air I get it, I understand that. However, when it feels like the inside of a pizza oven outside and you have guest in your car is it really that hard to just turn the A/C on. I am sorry I drive a leather car with leather seats, not trying to have my friends skin burn off her legs.

Kind of some things out of the many there really is ! What do you think? Are there any other good ones?



  1. I used to be a ‘pen clicker’, but I broke the habit by getting a pen that wasn’t retractable. Then I retired from work, so rarely need to ever use a pen! 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog. It is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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