Finding my Inner Self


As I took a step into Earth Lore in Plymouth, Michigan, I swear to you I had finally found myself. Taking in all the different and exotic objects, the different smells and relaxing music. I am not one of those artsy human beings or someone who does things that are wild, but as I walked into this shop nothing else mattered. Earth Lore is a magical place that is full of crystals, incense, stones with stories, books, and any other material to boost your spiritual side!

The store itself helps to guide you to better enlighten all the elemental parts of Earth into your everyday life. As I look down onto my wrist I see the palm hand necklace that I bought about a year ago. This necklace has sat on my desk, clung to my wrist, and even dangled from my rear view mirror in my car. During the different adventures the necklace has always somewhat been with me. Everyone has different views, but its always been there and I feel like it gives me a calming sensation as it just sits on my wrist.  Exploring more into Earth Lore there are different cleansing aromas and things you can do to detox.  Earth lore’s mission is to create a smooth, calming, and inviting atmosphere and let me tell you that they do.  I just thought I would share what Earth Lore brought to me and will also put their contact information at the bottom!

895 Wing St, Plymouth, MI 48170








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